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Auto Forward, and at least 14 other spy apps, allow a person to monitor virtually everything that happens on a cell phone.

A parent can see how often their child uses their cell phone to text. Social media messages and posts can be viewed as well. Given the proliferation of cell phones and mobile devices, this number will continue to grow well after It is no secret that our cell phone stores our most sensitive information.

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However, gaining access to the physical device is a lot easier said than done. If so, you should know by now that a text message tracker, like Auto Forward, is the best way to do so. Spy apps like Auto Forward are delivered via digital download and can be activated on the target device within minutes.

Other teens however, see it as an invasion of their privacy. Anybody who finds themselves in a position to use a spy app should know that this type of software can easily be misused. This, of course, is illegal and should never be practiced by anyone. Text message spy apps can be a great thing.

How to Monitor Text Messages on Android Device

However, as with many things, it is human nature to abuse such power. And employers who want to maintain good productivity are only acting in the best interest of their company. Spy apps can certainly get the job done for these interests, but I caution you to act responsibly as this software is a powerful tool.

Cell phone spy software enthusiast and researcher.

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  4. With over 8 years in the business I can offer the most comprehensive analysis and recommendations for virtually any program on the market. Learn more about Pat Stanley. If you really want to receive the best possible experience when it comes to monitoring your child's text messages, NEXSPY is your best bet. With these premium packages, you are not only getting the lowest price possible, but you get full access to all the powerful features.

    You also get full customer support and all necessary installation guides about how to use the monitoring software. Know the messages your child is sending and receiving. Here they are:. An app that works perfectly on all Android operated devices and iOS. Best of all is that you do everything remotely without worrying that your child will find out that they are being monitored.

    Even iPads can be monitored with this app.

    Wanna spy on text messages? Use SpyMug now!

    For monitoring text messages, the devices must be jailbroken first. However, mSpy has excellent customer support, and they can guide you well through the entire process.

    How Can I See Text Messages from Another Phone for Free?

    The mSpy app comes with several useful features which can quickly help you track your child's incoming and outgoing text messages, WhatsApp messages and emails. Spyzie finishes the list of best three apps for monitoring your child's text messages on the iPhone. With Spyzie, you can monitor the entire call history on your child's device. That includes time and duration of calls, type of call, and who was the receiver of the request or who initiated the call. You can also go through all sent and received text messages and get every single detail.

    If the target device is iPhone or iPad, you can also read the entire iMessage chat history. Some other things you can do with Spyzie include viewing WhatsApp chat logs and history, view phonebook contacts, videos and pictures, check out planned events, calendar and browsing the history of the iPhone.

    Free SMS Spy

    Monitoring reminders, memos and other installed apps on the device are also made possible with Spyzie, so pretty much everything is covered with this helpful monitoring app. Protect your children by protecting their mobile phone. Hopefully, you will find all this information very helpful when it comes to ways through which you can monitor your child's phone activity without them knowing.

    All mentioned apps have their positive characteristics and some drawbacks, but all of them deliver things as promised. Using them is very easy, and it does not require having special computer skills. The fact of the matter is that anyone can use them without problems, even those who are not very fond of technology. Works on all Android and iPhones. For those needing to spy on a cell phone without having the phone in your possession, Auto Forward Spy is for you! Auto Forward allows you to remotely access any cell phone using their OTA over-the-air link.

    Spy on Text messages with FREE SMS Tracker

    You simply download, activate and login. After you log into your secure account you can begin seeing information from the monitored phone immediately. Auto Forward is excellent for extracting text messages from any phone that is being monitored. The app can even detect and recover deleted texts! Video Demo. Easy to use and fast at getting results. Downloaded over 1 million times and going strong. After 12 plus years on the market, Highster Mobile is still one if the best cell phone spy apps you can buy.

    Highster Mobile has been on the market since They helped pioneer the technology and remain the leader in cell phone spy applications. Tried and true and up to date to work with the all Androids and iPhones. Our Review 3 — PhoneSpector.

    How to Secretly Monitor Someone's Text Messages on Android [How-To]

    PhoneSpector is among the latest, cutting edge spy apps that can be used to spy on a cell without actually having the phone in your possession. Check it out! Our Review. Today two types of devices dominate the mobile market: Androids and iPhones. Over the years I have learned a lot mostly I learned what not to do! They are:. With the emergence of more powerful utility apps that are now being used to spy on cell phones, I have altered my top picks to better reflect the latest technology. Here they are:. The internet is a dangerous place. Full of dangerous people. A world that we carry along with us in our hands.

    So how can you protect the ones you love from those seeking to do harm? And how can you safeguard those you entrust with your devices against misuse?

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